The Ultra Venturi blowgun series are the perfect accompaniment to the Force 5 Megablaster blowguns.

With a lower compressed air consumption, shorter nozzles, and a one-handed operation, these blowguns are great for getting into tighter access areas. Lower air consumption means they can be used with smaller capacity air compressors, and less air volume at the tip means it can be used around radiators and inside air cleaners (with extreme caution!) with a lower risk of damage.

With a venturi nozzle to amplify the compressed air flow at the point of use, the Ultra Venturi still blows enough compressed air to dislodge stubborn grit and debris. If you supply this blowdown tool with a 1/2” hose instead of the 3/4” for the Megablaster, this allows you more maneuverability and freedom of movement in places like the header bin, inside the nooks and crannies of a baler, radiators and other delicate areas.

Unlike the Force 5 series, the Ultra Venturi guns are not able to be cut down to length or supplied with a bent wand.

Common sizes;

Ultra Venturi with 900mm Wand: UV36

Ultra Venturi with 300mm Wand: UV12

Ultra Venturi blowguns are not supplied with fittings as standard, these guns have a 3/8” female port in the base of the handle. Service, parts and repair kits available.

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