AG176 on Deluxe braked trailer with optional hose reel (mounted) and spare tyre as standard

The Bruder AG176 is by far our most popular compressor for blowing down headers, balers, bins and other harvest equipment to reduce fire risk and remove built-up debris.

Bruder Kompressor has been developed in response to the growing need for a dependable, tough and practical machine for use in Australia’s harsh agricultural environment.

Compact yet powerful, the standard size AG176 Kubota-driven rotary screw compressor pumps out 176 cubic feet per minute – the ideal flow rate for effective cleaning and machinery blowdown. With a unique cooling system and filters designed for hot and dusty conditions, the Bruder AG176 thrives in high ambient temperatures, ensuring reliability during long, hot days in the field.

  • Free Air Delivery: 176cfm (5m3/min)
  • Working Pressure: 7 bar (101 PSI)
  • Engine: Kubota V1505-T Turbo Diesel
  • Engine Rated Power at 3000RPM: 36.4 HP (27 kW)
Bruder AG176 on Basic Farm Trailer (unbraked) with optional mounted hose reel and Force 5 Megablaster blow gun.

Superior harvest compressor features

  • Single piece steel canopy – for easy access to all service parts
  • Vertical top exit exhaust – reduces fire risk when standing in dry crop
  • Extra long drawbar*, heavy duty jockey wheel – easier to manoeuvre
  • Unique airflow design and firewall – provides optimal cooling in high ambient temperatures
  • Side mounted valves and outlets – for operator safety and ease of access
  • Kubota turbo diesel – lightweight, compact, reliable, and powerful with established service network
  • IntelliDrive Nano – user friendly digital control system to protect and regulate compressor
  • 70 litre poly fuel tank – longer running hours, visible fuel level
  • Heavy duty trailer, specifically designed for harsh environments with features like off-road springs*, welded steel wheel arches, high ground clearance, and brakes*
  • Large steel wheels with all-terrain tyres and a spare included as standard*
  • Spin-on filters – easy servicing and replacement

*Deluxe trailer only, see below comparison on trailers

AG176 on Deluxe trailer with canopy open

Technical parameters

Compressor AG176 (7 bar)AG176 (10 bar)
Air end B100B100
Nominal capacity[m3/min]53.8
Nominal overpressure[bar]710
Safety valve setting[bar]1012.5
Ambient temperature[˚C]-10 to +50-10 to +50
Max outlet temperature[˚C]110110
Cooling system Oil injectionOil injection
Compressor oil filling volume[Litres]7.27.2
Max oil system temperature[˚C]110110
Max oil system pressure[bar]8.611.6
Outlet valves 2 x G3/4″ BSP2 x G3/4″ BSP
Type/Model Kubota 1505-T 
Cylinders 4 
Load speed[rpm]3000 
Idle speed[rpm]1500 ± 50 
Oil filling volume[Litres]6.7 
Fuel tank volume[Litres]70 
Coolant filling volume[Litres]4 
Noise emissions
Sound power level LWA[dB(A)/pW]98
Sound pressure level LPA[dB(A)/20 𝜇Pa]78

Trailer options

AG176 on Basic Farm Trailer – Front
AG176 on Basic Farm Trailer – Side
AG176 on Deluxe Trailer – Front
AG176 on Deluxe Trailer – Side
Max transport speed[km/h]110110
Total mass[kg]7401060
Max mass on axle[kg]7401060
Total length[mm]28003580
Total width[mm]16501690
Total height (includes lift eye)[mm]15201550
Wheel 14×5.5 Sunraysia15×7 Ranger
Tyre 185R14LT235/75/15 L/T
Suspension 4 leaf SpringOff-Road Leaf Spring 
Coupling 50mm ball50mm ball
Spare tyre NoYes
Brakes NoneMechanical disc
Tyre Pressure[kPa/psi]450/65450/65
Able to be road registered YesYes

Compressors can also be purchased without the trailer, for mounting to a comb trailer or ute tray.