Bruder compressors are designed and built to perform for Australian farmers, in particular for blowdown of machinery and tools during the grain harvest. Our 3 main compressors are below; click the image to view or download an information sheet on each one.

AG176 (Deluxe Trailer)

Kubota 4-cylinder Turbo Diesel

176 CFM | 5m3/min

7 bar | 101 PSI

Skid mount or 2 trailer options – braked or unbraked

Easy servicing

Belt drive – very compact

AG250 (Trailer mounted)

Kubota 4-cylinder Turbo Diesel

250 CFM | 7m3/min

7 bar | 101 PSI

Skid mount or trailer mount

Higher flow for contractor use

Can be used for blasting/painting, rock breaking, post driving, and more

GP388 (Trailer mounted)

Perkins 4-cylinder Diesel

388 CFM | 10.80m3/min

7 bar | 101 PSI

Skid mount or trailer mount

Direct drive

Can power 4 x Force 5 Megablaster blowguns simulaneously

All our compressors are built for operation in Australia’s high ambient, harvest conditions with emphasis on reliability and extended run-times. They have features that are exclusive to Bruder’s range, that make this the best choice of machine for harvest blowdown.

  • Steel canopy with easy access to all user-serviceable components
  • Engine/air cleaner/compressor and electronics laid out to optimise airflow through the cabinet
  • Larger fuel tanks for extended run times
  • Top-exit exhaust to reduce fire risk
  • Intelligent computerised controller to regulate and protect the engine
  • Side mounted controls for operator safety
  • Trailers built tough to withstand rugged terrain and use in less than ideal conditions