GuardAir Ultra Venturi 900mm Blow Gun

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USA-made Venturi blowgun for smaller compressors with an air consumption of ~65cfm.

Great for smaller areas, cabin, bin, radiator, or air cleaners (with caution!) that the Force 5 Megablaster will be too big for (the Megablaster will damage radiator fins and destroy air cleaners).

Good length for standing a bit away from the dust, while allowing access into small areas on your machine. For really tight access areas, see the UV12 or talk to us for more options.

Compressed air can be supplied via a 1/2″ ID hose. Inlet size is 3/8″ NPT.

If connecting to Nitto Hi-Cupla (standard workshop) fittings, the part you need for this gun is a 30PM. If connecting to the Nitto 100-series fittings (as on our Bruder hose reel), you will require a 400PF and BRN1238.


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