Force 5 Megablaster – 1200mm extension

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Force 5 Megablaster Blowgun, for effective removal of dust, debris, and flammable material from your harvest equipment on the job.

The perfect balance between operator safety and tool efficiency. Gets the job done quickly without risking the health or safety of the operators.

Used extensively for cleaning down headers, balers, bins and tractors during grain harvesting.

Most effective when used with compressors over 90cfm, the Megablaster features a dead man trigger handle for operator safety, lighweight aluminium extension tube with an auxiliary handle for comfort and control, and a venturi nozzle at the tip for increased compressed air flow.

When paired with an adequate diesel powered air compressor, the Force 5 Megablaster provides better performance than other typical blowdown devices – including ball valves, open pipe, bare hose, lances, and home-made nozzles. The safety benefits are relevant, too – if dropped on the job, the valve will close and the tool is dormant. The Megablaster won’t whip around to try and hit you or make you lose your footing.

The venturi nozzle at the tip – identified by the holes on the side – increases airflow by drawing atmospheric air into the compressed air stream, multiplying the volume of air with a slight reduction in pressure. This style of tip serves to maximise efficiency and provide superior performance.

This blowgun has a 1200mm long extension which is our most popular size for harvest work. The overall gun length including the tip and handle is around 1600mm. Our customers have found that this length is ideal – long enough to stand back a bit from the dust and material being removed, while short enough that maneouvrability in tighter access areas isn’t comprimised.

Supplied with a Minsup A Claw Coupler by default, or if purchased with a hose reel the Nitto 100 Series quick-connect coupler. Leave a note on checkout if you’d prefer another fitting style. The inlet thread is 3/4″ BSP Female in case you have your own fittings.

For safety, we recommend gloves, glasses and hearing protection as a minimum. Respiratory protection is also advised.

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Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 1600 × 25 × 8 mm


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