Portable air compressor, now helping you lower your insurance overheads.

Farmers and insurance companies alike are fast learning that a decent sized air compressor is a very needed and staple piece of farm equipment. Reducing risk is uppermost in the underwriter’s eyes; they don’t want to be settling claims for machinery damage every season. So they appreciate the need for a large-capacity air compressor on site – blowing off the machinery during the harvest season reduces your fire risk which makes everyone happier!

For the farmers – you don’t need that risk, downtime, and loss of a header, plus any loss of crop through fire. It’s a simple matter of vigilance and machinery maintenance – grease known hot-spots regularly, keep an eye on temperatures (using a surface thermometer or in-cabin indicators where provided) and obviously blowing flammable dust, chaff and other debris off the machinery whenever it builds up.

Machinery operators are getting more savvy with the need to blow equipment down at regular intervals through their work day or shift. With adequate protection measures in place, farmers can approach their insurance brokers for discounts on their insurance policies and reducing their premiums.

Less risk, less cost – it’s all a numbers game. Talk to Bruder Australia today and find out how we can help you reduce your insurance overheads!

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