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Do you have a perfectly capable industrial air compressor, that cuts out in the middle of a vital blow-down on a hot day?

You’re not alone – in fact, it’d be one of our most common complaints in the agricultural market. Right when you’re needing it most, the compressor cuts out on overheat. Frustrating? Very.

That’s why the team at Bruder Australia have developed the perfect machine for agricultural use.

Designed and sold for use in extremes of climate from the heat of Saudi Arabia to the cold Siberian conditions, these European-made machines are the tool for the job. The advanced dynamic airflow design optimises the fresh air from the rear of the machine, drawing it past the filters and over the engine to further cool it.

In addition to this, the air end is designed to run with a specially formulated air compressor oil for high ambient temperatures. Further tweaks to the conventional design of an industrial compressor include a reverse-pitch radiator fan at the front of the compressor that blows – not sucks – air out the front of the compressor through a steel firewall. The firewall blocks off a ‘hot’ section inside the compressor cabinet which houses the radiator grille and the exhaust system – meaning the rest of the insulated cabinet keeps cool!

The result of this advanced design is that our compressors are able to operate at much higher capacity in high temperature environments, without needing to shut off to cool down in the middle of a job.

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